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Monthly Introduction Video

Pick up the Monthly Parent Cue Card from the check in desk!

Weekly Activity Schedule

Sunday: God uses His power to make everything, including people. Watch the story at Monday: When you go into your child’s room, say “Good morning! I’m so glad God made you!”


Tuesday: You can watch the Preview Video to what we're learning this month at


Wednesday: While on go, ask your child, “What are some of your favorite things?” (If they’re not sure, ask them their favorite color, toy, snack, shirt, etc.)


Thursday: Grab some action figures or bath-tub friendly characters and ask your kid to line them up on who is the strongest, and next strongest, and next. Then ask, “Is God stronger than (name the characters)?”


Friday: Cuddle with your child and pray, “God, we are thankful that You are more powerful than anything or anyone. Thank You, God, for making us.”


Saturday: Create your own self-portrait snack to celebrate that God made you! 

Check out the "Parent Cue" app from Orange Curriculum 


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