Monthly Introduction Video

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Weekly Activity Schedule

Sunday: Today we learned about how God made the world and it was perfect, only Adam and Eve chose to go their own way instead of going God's way. Watch the video on the App: t

Monday: Put a different color paint in each cup of a muffin tin. Clip a clothespin to the end of a cotton ball for each color. Gave your child a piece of art paper and tell them to paint a garden. As they paint, talk about how God made the perfect garden.

Wednesday: When you go into your child's room, say, "Good morning! Who's ready to wake up and go God's way.

Thursday: God created the most perfect garden with flowers and trees. Have fun creating your own garden:

Friday: Your child is learning the song "Perfect". Download it so you can sing along at home:

Saturday: Cuddle with your child this month and pray, "Dear God, thank You for making this amazing world. Please forgive us when we do things our way and mess things up. Help us go Your way, God, because your way will always be perfect. In Jesus' name, amen".

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